The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Childlike wish

Artist: Lilla Cabot Perry

Ten storey standing tall,
Down I glance, ringing my ears a faint song.
My eyes skim, travel across,
I stare at the luscious tree tops.
Is it a bird in bloom?
or music playing in some room?
At the edge, almost to fall,
Inspired by the melody is search for long.
The road silent,stagnant at dawn.
Machines not yet started to swarm.
And then at last, my eyes stop and stance.
A small boy, a speck but spark,
singing to school an enlightening song.
Like a snail moving slow,
enjoying the drops,nature's galore.
chiming in his childish voice,
to music of the rain divine.
Abruptly as the showers burst to hail,
The little angel speeds up fast.
Turning at the winding road, disappearing almost gone.
Drenched,i stand still,
Tthe rain piercing hitting in.
I pray you be humble to him rain.
Let the sun ripen his heart,
Nothing sour.
for him, let life be a lunch of sweet tarts.


  1. Enjoyed reading this.
    And that picture reminds me of Tom Sawyer.

  2. @haddock

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. beautifully painted picture....nd i mean it as a metaphor for da poem...coz it almost sketches da scene in front of ur eyes.....luvd it! :)

  4. hey abhi T H A N K YOU yar :) hehe tc

  5. Fantastically summarizes the variations of thought in a superb collection of beautiful words ....
    keep it up ....

  6. awesome...use of soft and touching words...great work..keep it up!!!