The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The trance of time!

Ticking away..
just thinking who made time?
what does it mean to stay?
some how we hide from such questions,
curiosity that would shake millions?

nowhere in this land i find,
beings existing without the trance of time.
Why cant i travel back and forth?
what is decay? what is growth? to me,
answer my questions...those silent times.
Don't tick away to glory like that!
I want those precious moments back.

Please you cant define silence for me.
You must not put so much noise...and then believe we should on silence thrive.
So many questions i ask you 'time'.
Tell me why some tunes succumb to silence and fail to chime.

You are nothing but a product of mind.
You cant fool those who fight against you to survive.
We dance to your tune because we decide.
Answer me! You cant cast your spell on me,
I cant help sail in your trance..
But one day you will answer me...and to my tunes dance!
because you are nothing but a product of mind..or matter of chance.


  1. a unique and interesting take on questioning time.....da stance of standing defiant to one of the most powerful constants of this universe: time, is alluring and rebellious at the same time....

    luvd dis one! :)

  2. it is really nice...i like the visual part of it...u add ingredients to the poem beautifully..keep it up...