The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chasing pavements

Wandering through symmetries of cement,
i head happily towards nowhere.
The sun of the morning is still a little far,
Wet pavements bring aroma of the night past.
I love the smell of the wet earth,
Soon the sun will give a golden kiss,
A new morning is rebirth.
The leaves dance a playful gait,
coy, smitten by the wind's flirty chase.
Farther i move on the pavement...
I see the moss growing by,
outlining the pavement in a green dye.
Little yellow buds will sprinkle and simmer,
The pavement will be lit with cheer.
Scorching sun will cake the moss,
The beautiful wet smell lost.
The sun will retreat slowly,
leaving the sky painted in hues of red.
Natures master piece...
Evening is the final rays,
Pretty lamps cast an orange canopy over the pavements.
Wind is furious and harsh,
Blowing dried leaves across,
Fear not the departure of the green.
But prepare welcome for tomorrow's arrival of gold,
Carnival of nature, decorating pavements unseen.


  1. beautifully crafted......loved the description...simulates reality.....gr8 work! tc! :)

  2. beautiful work ! i cud actly vision out d vivid description u mentioned :)