The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Riding the woods......

The Pine,
The Bark,
The owl's alarm in the moon's arc.

The halloween peaks,
Capped in ice,
The abhominal roams.

The tranparent turns opaque,
Fog is at its chase.
Leaves treacherous, branches hollow.

Little love birds sense and seer,
chirping tales to the deer.
Like a night song soothing,
their destinies waging fear.

Wolf prying,
the impertinent breeze slying.
Roaring, a harbinger its fellow grey skies.
The canvas is set,
The window pane wet,
The fresh dew is my paint.
And so all set.

Riding the woods in my dreams.
What a thrill,
the abhominable stands still....
As I draw my sword of will.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pluck a thistle, Plant a flower

Always when one dream ends,
Miles of my mind knows no end,
Little bit of the mud’s smell,
Jinxed with a thirsty snare,
Again hunting I go.
To meadows yellow, dancing to the fall’s snore.
I know …….
Again it will crush
I pluck a thistle and plant a flower.

The fence of thorns ends the dream,
Casting dark silhouettes scream,
Shrill, uncouth piercing through the orange sheen,
They welcome me but what for,
A cup of warmth from a bottle of wrath?
Yet again hunting I go.
To the meadows yellow, dancing to the fall’s snore.
I know……..
Again it will crush
I pluck a thistle and plant a flower.

Blowing away my withers too,
Felicity is what,
If not the humming bird romancing tendrils new,
A jaded fly will rest the petals,
Take a flight bold and dauntless,
And that will merry my heart more,
Chase away every scream and screech.
Who can dare to crush it now?
I found my strength.
Sentinel me….
Don’t dare a storm touch!
My Planted thistle,
My blooming flower.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I want to break free...

I see in the mirror
A structure so scattered,
living in confines of laws.
The gunny bag presence,
Strings tightly drawn.

And sometimes the hush of wind,
Calls a whistle of to me,
my sight just draws through.
Squeezing my vision,
The small pores, trappings weaved.

Hungry my dreams,
the world of creation waiting for me.
Beads of sweat start to form,
the only sign of something in me alive.

My eyes freeze,
on the little spider in this prison,
Incessantly she climbs.
Not grieving,
not burying dreams in defeat.
Tripping to crumbles,
again voyaging to the top,
wisely setting its feet between gaps of ropes.

What a brave fall,
braver where it aspires to reach.

I sort of stand,
in the rising of euphoria,
I will not let the steam die,
I will burn incandescence the sky.
I will just not throttle my dreams,
I will paint the sky yellow with glee.
I want to be free.
I want to be free.

my eyes

Friday, November 12, 2010

Between the lakes......

Image:J.R..sell between the lakes

Slowly, nonchalantly I pass the bushes,
Little birds sing along,
It's not sun set,
It's not yet dark,
The sky is now turning Mauve.

Reminiscence of long lost days,
When dew drops and butterflies,
I would chase.
Stopping at purple poppies,
Lost in dreams.

Sugar tarts packed for the sun,
And some honey and just half a bun.
The sunshine would make me high.
Just some water from the lake and some lovely sky.
I'm sorted.
I'm done.

A chimera of sorts,
I sneak a reflection of myself at the lake!
I see more then all it fakes.
Shows me pastures green,
The golden falling,
houseflies in agony,
The mauve's french kiss, the cloud's touch.
Feathery wind and harmony within..
Between the lakes I love to be.
Neighbor of my fantasy dreams.

Here I believe my canvas hue,
fills love in the night's stew.
The rosy woods are thorny sweet.
I will never forget,
My voyage,
Between the lakes I want to be.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Little things you do...

I switch on the TV on a lazy Saturday afternoon and I see tears roll down a heavily clad, newly wed brides brightly 'painted' face!


Then I switch over to another says 'Rishta vahi, soch nayi'
and I see a more modernly clad 'bahu' whining about her 'saas' to her mom over the phone.


They are amazing! They take us back into the 19th century and just sort of reverse our growth chart and slaughter our identities.They insult those brave reformers who fought us respect!Food for bitching...Gossip gaming what we all are pigeon holed as! If a woman who sees that does not find it utterly pathetic she deserves it! So here they are calling themselves the ideal portrayals of women.

well.... suddenly I hear a melody.
I check the channel ,it is the same one. What I see holds my attention, and yea that's what it's meant for!


I see , observe the spot in a gray scale.Cherubic school girl, very Indian. Tightly braided hair and the strategic use of brand color , red and white to write happy birthday on the board. Remarkable.

Delightful, the expressions Of the little girl, are unforgettable. The eye for detail is what brings in the amazing emotional connect. The has enthralled and brought a sense of euphoria to me. So many I know watch the ad for the beautiful meaning it delivers in the song.

Why is the impact so emotionally powerful? primarily because we all, who are the brand's target audience miss our school days. Cherish the friendship then in its most nascent, budding, gullible and crystal clear form. We just ,for a few seconds, travel back to memories of class and relive them. It sort of rejuvenates my body and soul every time I hear the beautiful piece!

A good brand goes beyond selling a service! It creates a sense of belonging well connected to the service offered. Vodafone delight here! An expression beyond happiness is delight! The most superlative form of warmth and the realization that someone somewhere finds you special! Showers you with unexpected and inexplicable affection!

The words of a man of passion, and more Indian then an ad man,Piyush Pandey believes...

‘Creativity is to say something in fashion that sticks in the mind, rather than saying it in a normal fashion. If ten people meet you in the morning and if all of them are saying – Good Morning – the guy who says it differently will be remembered. He is creative. But if he does a head stand, it won’t work. So one has to do things which have not been done in the past, but which are relevant.’ Relevance to context. In advertising terms – to the consumer and her need for the product. ‘If you like it, as a viewer, there’s a good chance that people will also like it.’ And he doesn’t think of this charm as anything mysterious. ‘Relating to the people of India is what we are paid for. I’ve not created any magic. A hundred years ago, when the guy on the road sang – chana gore garam – he was not trying to be a singer. He wanted people to buy from him, and not from the other guy."

Advertising creates and gives a brand humanity and character. Humanity and emotions become close to heart and are easily accepted.That creates demand!

If you ever said advertising doesn't create demand, think again!

Little things do matter....a lot!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One of those days.....

Painting:Morning Magic J.R. Sell Original Art

From the top I gaze,
The road invites me,
The birds flying by, to find a warmer place.
The sun brings warmth, fueling the fog's rage.
It's one of those days...

Hypnotized,Bewitched...I run out the door,
Running the steps as if flying low.
Onto the beauty the morning jewel,
I plant my dream near the wild lilies shade.
It's one of those days...

The lily drops its head to the breeze,
As if a pact of guarding my dream.
I bow, in a humble,nonchalant grace,
The little squirrel, the witness of pact,
Coyly, blushing nibbling past....

As I walk to the music in my head,
Peaceful the blue sky shed,
I dig my pocket and suddenly feel,
Some seeds of sin, crave within.
And as I fish them out in my hand...
Beans of coffee sinfully grin,
Smirking at them...I move on to no land.

The path has ended, its charismatic fate.
Dawn now casting its spell.
I will buzz along home with the bee..
She will spare some honey for me?
I will spill it all over the place,
It's just one of those..
those happy days...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Adding color to a grey winter

Winter comes and generally the dark and checkered colors are out of the closet and fresh spring colors are pushed in. Eventually, stating that one should wear this and that color to stay trendy makes no sense. Some colors just don't look good on some skin complexions and others might not find specific colors appealing. One can never go wrong with black, brown, gray, red, purple and mustard yellow for fall/winter.

They are always in and look great with just one funky accessory to add some glam and warmth for the winter. So, how to wear the color fashion trends? Wear them as your key piece clothing; as a black turtleneck sweater, grey chunky cardigan, orange floral blouse or a dress, and balance it with a pair of classic dark blue or black jeans. Luckily, the color trend for fall/winter Fashion 2009 is subtle enough to wear to work. Pair them up with pointed black shoes or pumps.

Scarves add to the sensuousness and style and pink and beige in satins are unique choices.Checkered scarves are now very common so they aren’t very in.
If you want to get the most out of your fall/winter fashion 20010 wardrobe budgets, you might want to focus on buying accessories in those colors, such as a knit scarf in burnt sienna (orange), beaded jewelry in teal or a suede bag in tan brown.
If you want a more exotic look, accompany the color tones with gold or silver jewelry. The metallic shine remarkably accentuates the beauty in the colors. A Simple metallic bangle or a nice studded bracelet in aqua or yellow looks very classy.

So How to wear it? Overdoing it might get one looking over dressed and the next fashion disaster! Wear them in small doses and balance them out with a couple of garments from the wardrobe essentials-list. Like for example, the studs and sequins. If you're wearing a studded leather jacket, sequin vest or plaid shirt, work around it by adding colors and clothes that complement the look. Like a pair of distressed denim jeans complement a plaid shirt without being too "out there".
Whatever you choose to wear, remember to keep it the trends and essentials at a 50/50 level. Avoid bringing too much of the good stuff because one would end up looking out of the place. Being too ‘matchy matchy’ is strict no-no, green bag, blue jeans, green earrings and green shoes yells disaster!
These trends will help you look cool and cuddly and make your winter colorful. Not to forget the always applicable fashion mantras for any season ‘wear what you are comfortable in’. Style comes from confidence within.