The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gone Away...

On the Silver Oak tree,
I planted my childhood dreams,
I hid one that wintery night and the blue moon watched me.

Dropping late eve’ shows,
For stars were at stake…
I watched the wind dancing on the Asoka trees instead.

Joey my pillow is wet,
From tears I needn’t exuberate,
For now you are a good old boy,
I must be happy, but I’d much rather regret.

O’ Neem I know not your hooting call now,
For my ears are choked,
With a thousand million DB and some chorus of the smoke.

There are no sweet, round pebbles,
All I can pick is greed,
Of sugar-hungry souls, pouring out like ants from an ant-hill.

Watch me moon, watch me now,
Worming like a squeak,
Every day I push and pull at doodles of useless strings,
But stationery and frozen I stand, like a piece of meat,
Like packed in old newspaper,
Not a liberated kite, elated and in glee.

My home is here,
My land is gone.
My love is my happiness,
My family my strong.
That thing I cherish both here and there.

His love embraces me tender,
Just like the Guava tree’s shade.
In Maverick manure I grow,
It is pure beauty that I grace!
It's true love always there that seldom needs show!

Robin peck my bananas crazy,
Though I’m not behind the curtains, watching.
Squirrel cuddle the grass mad,
For in life there’s no stopping.
You never know when it’s sun,
When the clouds come marching.

Gone away to my love,
Gone away with my knight,
With him I shall return to make the earth my land…
As green as the Parakeet’s guise!
I promise.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Creaking Shoes

Image: red shoes by sarinni deviantart

Nothing holds the lament harsh,
too big a wig, too scornful a laugh.
Eroding flesh for her punishing stand,
Nothing worthy in all's command.

Fainting light of her love,
Fist in a pot painted gargoyle.
Breaking isn't what shaping did,
Many compulsions to chose between.

Upon the reclusive wind,
She signed a pact and summoned a dream.
Dauntless below,
Fearless above...
She breathed.

Love lost her heart found,
Not no more in her misery bound,
She stepped out...
Blistering but braver,
Tear drop now evaporating fear.
Her feet dance in joy...
Conchs of time her toy.

Out and away from semblance,
Sore from helplessness,
Weary of suppression.

Out of his misery grasp,
Out into the sun,
Drying her spirit drenched.

Standing out of her creaking shoes.
She sways!
Light as ever!
She sways.

Friday, July 1, 2011


Oceans of my mind I cruised,
Like a toy duck,
Rippling and touching with waves.
I still need an object to inflict my pain.

I’m searching for it,
That God forsaken soul.
I reach the bank and He takes me by my hand.
Warm sand caressing my feet,
Kissing my nerves purgative weeds.

My feet hit the cold rocks,
Sharply knifing.
I shiver in the cold pain.
Sorrow, suffering, pain, defeat.
A burst of light and a pleasure orgasmic.

“That is what it is my child,
Suffering is inflicted pain is kind.
Only pain shall cut open thy soul,
Revel ‘cause your forlorn no more.”