The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Monday, June 28, 2010

Monster behind the Mask

1000 people die of swine flu and the whole world wants to wear masks. More than 2 million people are affected by aids and no one wears a condom.WOW. Yesterday I got a mail, not just once 20 times! From 20 different people! More than that what it said shocked me. A boy got aids after eating pineapple, so this was to warn me from eating at fruit stalls etc! GOD. It said that the boy ate pineapple at a roadside stall and the stall owner, who was aids affected, cut his hand and some blood dropped on to the pineapple and the boy ate it and got affected.
The point is where are we headed? Why are we heading there? Is it probably because we have no heads? Yes. Maybe that’s the reason. Why don’t we apply thought to things we hear or see? That’s the reason probably why right from the ‘news’ channels to the worlds’ ‘super power’ everyone is fairly successful in proving that we are educated fools.
What worries me is not the flu, for that’s not much in control, it’s the mask thing. Firstly, as the doctors say, not everyone needs them. Secondly, if you were to get into the vicinity of a victim of swine flu not that the ‘medically green ‘, ‘disinfectant’, looking mask, held not so firmly by elastic; would help. Knowing that, why did we buy it? And more atrocious is the sight of people pulling the mask down and spitting! Yes. Lot of Thought is being applied here, why worry about spitting as long as I am protected by the mask?
Most importantly, what about waste management? Where are these masks going? They are always with you, whether you are wearing them or not. On the streets, in gardens, parking lots and lastly in the garbage bins.
Last morning, as I was walking down the road, I saw her. She is the inspiration for this article and I have never met a better manager. Engrossed in her daily profession she was making sure every piece of dirt went in, including masks lying here and there of course. Her beads of sweat talk what a management degree wont. Who cares? I am going to thank her.
Devangini kulkarni

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The woman that is me.

Beyond the ties, beyond the lines,
faraway from petty eyes.
I am the woman i want to be.
dignity is how i feel of myself,character is just what you see.
When the fog will clear , you will believe.

My dream is my power,
The pen will help it flower and then i will always be free.
I am beyond the shallow,
my heart is full of love, never hollow.

joy in every step,confidence in stride.
no man understood my inner mystery,how much he tried!
My eyes do well up at the smallest things,
its my sensitivity dont think I'm weak.

I know i am my only strength,
and for that...i'll fight till my last breath.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Be the change to bring the change

What comes to your mind the word education?? I had never given it a thought until during a workshop in my graduation last year a professor told us to draw ‘ the sunrise’. Now have you ever seen the clichéd yellow and orange sun, rising out of two razor sharp mountains? I don’t think any of us ever did! But surprisingly, a friend of mine from Kazakhstan drew ants and farming tools! That was the sunrise for him!
We had always drawn sunrise according to how the chalk-and –board teachers ‘ordered’ us to! If we drew it in any other way we were yelled at! I remember one drawing class where we were told to draw a bunch of flowers. My flower had petals each of different color and was laughed at mockingly by my pals and teacher. How can it ever be forgotten? Little wings of creativity chopped off ignorantly even before growing stronger to fly.
Why are we ‘imparted’ education? One that is impractical at times even irrelevant to surroundings. Why are commerce students still studying the 1980’s syllabus with just a few ‘so called’ reforms and changes that is nothing but grammatical corrections and changes in a few names. Why is a dance graduate, not as important as an engineer?? Why is the world cluttered with MBA’s? Criticizing the system or the people alone would be lame. For education is a process of enlightenment, it has to be a joint effort and using the blanket of blame to cover the very fact that we are not strong enough is of no use. Passing the buck would make no difference. Why do WE accept it? Doing nothing about it, taking what comes along? There are practical difficulties yes, more than one ways to solve them if minds unite.
My inner voice yells at me to stop talking that. It hopes for a wonderful mentor, guru, and leader to change the scene and be that boon of change. Perhaps one of us is that boon. Perhaps someday hope and horizon will be one.
We have to find our original selves, fight for our wings to become stronger, and then the world will see our flight. The world will know that we have a place in it that belongs only to us. Perhaps minds have started thinking, perhaps inner voices are awakening, and hope is coming closer to horizon.


My hero

My hero

The strength which i live with today,

the mirror of my deeds, good ones i was appreciated for,

and times coming my way.....

There is one person, who helped me make it through!

who made me shine, who moulded me , along with me he grew!

when i felt heartache, when i felt pain,

when it seemed that happiness would never come again!

I remember.......he scolded me, he'd let me cry.....

' you dont always meet people you like, and people who like you dont always tell you!

are his words ..... when i was heart broken , i fell many times,

but this made me......get up and again try!

love is, one of the most important emotions, wherever man goes....whatever he does and even if he reaches the pinnacle of money and fame,

but.......dear child...he still tells me,

without love....all that is just like a label...its just like a name.

Then with a twinkle in his eyes.....he says.....dont believe this because your dad says it,

Venture far, fly with ur own ...still weak wings...

be your own judge ....... in life these things you will see....

And dont be scared to do so....because that will inculcate in you....presence of mind and amazing wit!

I am still to venture farther....m still to fly higher.....but i see that wht u told...DAD... is very true.

I cant thank you enough, for not giving up on me!

accepting my triumphs along with defeats and flaws.......making me be my own judge.......even though at times....through defeat i learned grew!!!

All i would say....

i sought to god for love,

i sought him for courage,

i sought him for hope,

i sought thee and found all three!!!!

it simmers on the land,
its shiny and its grand.
waters keep washing it now n then,
its got imprints of diffrent men men.
their feet sink into the sand,
they leave prints of foot and hand.
the sand is kind,
it will never mind.
there r shells and pieces of glass,
they show different colours n class.
some smooth green and white,
they represent peace and light.
some are dark,pure blue,
they are feelings true.
like actually in mankind.....they are very rare to find.
but joy conquers the heart even if 1 is found in a faroff part.
some are sharp black ones,
those r the deeds regretfully done.
and somewhere deep in the sand ,
are found pieces very grand!!!
they are soft red simple parts.
they are nothing but our hearts.
we may not live forever,
but these pieces do deliver,
our future and our past,
our memories when we cease to last!

why does love fail to follow?

What is care?

Who really cares?

Sometimes I feel m a lost soul,

Searching petals in rocks moulds.

How much can a heart bear?

How much more of the heart will you tear?

Did you see what inside lies?

Strong love, but broken ties.

Shattered though it still remains.

Fashioned with tear stains.

Its not show to make it yours,

Flaunt not the tear stains, everyone can see! what remains.?

Love will one day find a soul,

Tell the hearts story untold.

Parts and pieces cannot be joined.

But love can make miracles alive!

The 4 most regretful words: It could have been.

We are born in a world full of chaos. In this chaotic world it is so very difficult to even listen to the voice of your own soul. We all wish in our heart for the voice of our soul to turn into a beautiful music everyone hears, understands and appreciates. Here is where the fight begins, the fight against this chaos. The only possible way out of this is to risk being what you are and still get accepted as that imperfect person.

When a bird teaches its young one to fly, it risks the fall, flutter, endless defeat of its young birdie. Eventually, when it takes its first independent flight into the unknown blue sky, the bird is sure the young one will lead a fearless life of its own. It was risking it all the way! Without risk that potent force within you cannot shine. Risking is acceptance of change in a life that is truly ours. Risk it all....for if the sky would not have risked pouring its heart out, could we have ever had a rainbow?