The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I hope [ to my lil brother] :)

I hope you get drenched in the early rains,
so that you get high on sunshine.
i wish when you risk the tan.
You will put up with the blisters without much strain.

I hope you enough heart ache,
so that the next time you risk your heart
You don't fall on your knees and fret.
I wish you enough strength to not let it tear apart.

I hope you enough courage,
to forgive your friends and foes.
so that today you know its them,tomorrow it could be you...who knows?
I wish you enough mistakes, so you know nothing comes for free.

I hope you enough tears,to let your heart cry.
so that you will always give random acts of kindness a try.
You know only smile can punch pain,
So you bring laughter lines on creases that don't seem to mend.

I hope you enough darkness,
so you see the light within.
I wish you love the coals so that the diamond is seen.

I hope you enough chaos,
so you always steal the right away from wrong,
For every soul who wishes to sing always finds its song.

I hope that however tall you grow,
however fast and strong.
I wish that on your safe shoulders, my head i can always rest...all life long!


  1. wonderful wishes for ur bro.....he'll b all dat....especially wen his sis wishes frm her heart! :)

    luvd it! tc! :)

  2. Thanks you so very much....True wishes come true hehe :) tc!

  3. They will...if you believe in them...they do! :)

  4. Fr ur comments about *Dreamdrops* @ My Blog!

    A mute gesture of gratitude is then in order, i guess! :)