The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Saturday, August 21, 2010

hushing by....

Image:Shadow painted by Paloma Spaeth.

Drowned in thought in the evening's land of orange,
I hear a whisper...breaking the silence hushing in solace.
My shadow it is and who else?
But for a second I stunned stare,
as if lost in its dark embrace.
Then words, I open up.
Putting my soul to listen hard of what is heard.
Thumping heart, ribs shred,
slowly I feel tears bled.
"running away into the imaginary,
clad in studs of illusion, fantasy...
Your senses seem to have numbed , gone blind.
Sometimes you love what ideal is,
and remember the ideal always deceives.
Sometimes there seems no end,
forever is nothing, unreal for real the heart mistakes.
Sometimes you leave the present for the future test,
past is gone, did you forget?
Today's present was future yesterday.
Sometimes yes, miracles happen.
To dark compliments only fire.
Kiss,love,break free!
Your wings of hope will let you flee."
A smile faint , a heart calm.
Shadow you lead the way,
awakened my conscience,
Why did you cease to say,
call me again, please stay.
where are you?
not again, I'm already betrayed.
come again to soothe my soul,
come back whisper more.
You stepped back into the nights sting.
I will make up and you will see,
I will kiss , i will love, i will free.
My notions i will burn in fire,
I will once again give in to desire.
Let me foster courage enough.
Just let me foster courage enough.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beauty betrayed

Unleashed, passionate, peaceful mind;
Standing on the toes of rhyme.
Fragile but free,
Lone in glee,
steadily reaching from mellow to energized.
Perfect, flawless,euphoric to the brim,
arms stretching, embracing the wind.
Pink pout, preparing love;
The white clouds in morning's mirror.
Swirl once for me lady in white,
You are desired the most,
But still decorating the showcase.
All envied,
Out of fairy tales,
Epitome of expression
They say they love you, but won't claim you be theirs.
Friends are many,
like how many stay?
Like me you are always beauty betrayed!

Always in bloom art Painting/digitalpainting-adrian2

Facing the shine, never choosing to whine.
strong stem , buried deep as like roots nailed within.
Standing against the test of time,
Putting the wind to a power test,
Yellow gem, you are all mine.
layers of petals covering your core,
So many like you stand a cluster,
but the bees the butterflies, you they chose.
Thumbelina's home, tells a tale.
Why safe in your and no other arms?
Breathing safe, petals the shield,
You still let the life seep in.
Then when she was strong, you let go.
But, i want to be in your arms, don't separate the dew from the drops!
With you i want to wilt,
You die, giving me mind will throb with guilt, day and night.
For all the hope you dare,
For all the joy you share,
For all the love you care,
For all the warmth you spare...
You are special and beyond compare
I love you, my sunflower..
May you always keep growing,
My memories are fodder ...... I'll water you with magical tears that keep my eyes flooding!

Let me be

image: deviantart,Would_You_Let_Me_Be_Myself_by_FLOORBANGER.

Lone at the lake,
I delve back into reflections,my face a distorted image.
I see no else, I hear no more,
I just stare,just alone.
The impatience you hate, the care you love.
The smile you frown at, the soul you curse.
The lies you like, the truth i say you leave far behind.
The face you think is a remarkable pretense,
for you its perfectly charted innocence.
Entwined in the eyes a happy sorrow,
You judge the outer, my mind travels to tomorrow.
I'm never still, never till
I worm my way into a heart to make it break open,
rip walls apart.
You hate , you dislike.
Every part of me that is mine.
Like a mask i bottle up,
Like you just blocked the noose,
not letting me choose to be.
I want to free, but I'm locked in.
The sun the fuel,
The earth the pot,
The sky the lid and my faith to spark.
The day and night are the tongs.
Crammed inside I'm cooking up to be free,
Then you can never judge me.
The world will let me be,
The world will just let me be.
Just let me be!