The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bee Happy

Going flowers,
peeping in at lovers.

Exploring the wilderness,
blossoms of tenderness.

Music in my wings,
away from painful stings.

Nectar loving,
leaving trails to undiscovered ways.

The silent creeper, growing faster,
feasting on happiness my friend the caterpillar.

Blushing yellow, basking the sunshine,
happiness today will all be mine.
Happiness today will all be mine.



  1. man! geting a feeling of woods..plz get me out of this..lolz

  2. this remind me of forest. those silent and green place. those smell of wet woods. this is so good. keep it up deby.

  3. simple...yet so beautifully put...noticed the ease with wich u can put arcane thoughts to paper..some ideas that in oder sould would not even find da light of da here ders jst about scope fr eveyrthng! luvd it :)

    agree wid u to da hilt....judgements r da last things dat shld form in one's mind...sumtimes its only human to form an opinion bt judgements, dey kinda suck....coz as mch as we claim, we cannot be sure that we knw a person completely.

    thnx fr da comments @ ma space....its a reflection of ma some point in the time that has spanned ma life....! :)

  4. @Maverick... thanks a ton! :) waiting for new posts at your blog.......I'm sure it will be beautiful and inspiring and insightful :)