The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Reason to smile.....

The dark night's hug has ended,
the dream i lived in the night seems distant and still.
Today i know is another day,
where i have to face a world of hate.

As i cuddle into my blanket again,
I hear a sweet twitter just at the sill,
i peep out to meet a small bird's gaze.
Quickly flying away taking its flight, as if just there to remind me of life.
A hint of smile on my face.

Going to the window, i feel the breeze,
heavenly sun shining through grills,
the leaves must be making chlorophyll.
i stare at the leaves thinking, what a crazy thought to a days beginning!
my face is lit a silent smile.

My mom's yell to wake my brother for school,
reminds me i have to get ready too.
But the enchanting breeze would not let me do.
smell of coffee brewing hot,
Aroma of the beans.... dark and bitter my favorite strong.

Dad...near the stove..
His loose tee his kind eyes,
crazy hair his sprightly smile.
Life seems so happy..
My cranky mischievous smile is here,
I'm sure it will linger the whole day and for the smallest reason reappear!

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