The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Thursday, July 8, 2010


i scream, i yell,
I'm drowning deep,
I slowly go from shallow to steep.
Familiar is nothing here,
my lashes dig into my eyes.
Praying, praying someone would get me out in time.
Lost,half dead not able to hold my breath,
I know praying now wont help.
blades of water cut through me,
Scared i gulp my plea.
I open my eyes...lashes hurting badly. i realize.
The water makes my vision go blind.
I close in again, again i open my eyes.
The water gushes cruelly inside,
As if some chest of pearls hidden lies.
The same water i love when it saves me from thirst,
What am I veins are about to burst.
Water has not left any part untouched,
near death,now i value love.
The fishes a vibgyor cluster.
Each one proud in their own land.
Intruders like me are no damn.
In their land the water guards them,
They know i will eventually repent and become one with the algae and dying flesh.
Now i think i am eternally strong.
The underwater is another land.
In its vastness i will be sublime.
Just when i discovered a land dream is broken in no time!


  1. hmmm...marvelous take on a fatal situation....da whole sequence of da realization dat sumthng beautiful exists beyond the boundaries of our perception and that too in the final moments of life....wen that beautiful thing itself proves to be the bane....weans away extraordinary circumstance, described in a wonderful way!

    luvd it! :)

    as far as ur comment on ma blog fr da new work is concerned:

    glad to c u appreciate da free verse form of writing...der was a time wen the rhyme scheme had its i guess we grow or rather change with has my work...! :)

    thanks fr reading and appreciating...nd more so fr understanding! :)


  2. hey....thanks....was actually a very interesting dream that i got...and yes free verse has its own charm and depth. :) tc! cheers!

  3. interesting...a dream metamorphosing into a poem...very mystical....hope u hav more such dreams dat become inspirations for you to pen down more of such gems! Tc! :)

  4. he he...thanks...sure, i really hope so too :) tc!