The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Never enough.

Solitary not alone,
real not cloned.
I stare at you lying in bed.
The cold stings my nerves... but i just stare.
Intense, calm.
Cool but warm
you cast your charm.
Wrapped in white you look eerie,
so beautiful that its scary.
indispensable to where you belong.
Flawless, unnerving floating into dawn.
free but bound,
silent but loud.
Feeling you is not far,
touching your perfection will cause no harm.
Distant your companion of my dreams... a child's cherubic face.
Where do you disappear without a trace?
I miss your tranquility in the morning..
your touch, your constant haze.
You go away only to meet me again at the dark,
I love you give me strength for the day.
Your nature's most precious spark!


  1. beautifully crafted....all the magnetic descriptions preceding the curtain raise to reveal the true subject of this work of wonderful! likd it! :)

    alas, at my blog am not as gifted as you to churn out works at this rate....ders a season of literary enthusiasm or sumthng of dat sorts that incites the urge to write. still will write sum day, nd u will read... :)

  2. hey..thanks for dropping in and for the comment rajat.