The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Broken mirrors

staring outside the window,
i watch each drop.
then breaking into many as the floor they knock.

oh...what does that remind me of?
The broken mirror, shattered yet reflecting what was inside me locked.

sun baked mornings , late nights dew,
cheese cake aroma, hair ribbons red and blue.

pearl drop earrings , pretty pink shoes.
crushing, crushing hard does he love me too?
the mystery continues...

My knees go weak when i see you,
confessions you make of your love for me,
But you say i change, become your barbie;
i love my original self..dont you?

Distortions they are so beautifully true.
the broken mirror...artificiality it overthrew.

No not you, you cant love me.
how can you?
for where my beauty never knew.

Broken mirror..shattered though you are,
you reflect the true,
of who ever stood in front of you!


  1. this your efficiency? or is that you started a blog a certain time after you embarked on this journey of penning down ur emotions...I mean in the former case am honoured to b in da presence of sum1 who can express every thought in such an awe inspiring way and with such frequency.....

    dis one's wonderful...beautifully nostalgic remembering one of my works on a similar theme but a different flavour...

    beautiful work of urs....luvd it! tc! :)

  2. hey...its truly humble of you to say that man!Thanks a lot. i think every artist..rather every human has his/her own style of expression that is beautiful in its own way! Your writing is very simply incomparable.

    Yeah... " trance of time" and "Never enough" were impromptu...just typed my heart out last night. Some of my poems are typed spontaneously and some have been written by me before i started "Broken mirrors". tc :)