The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Sunday, August 28, 2011


The sun shines soft today,soothing a strand here and there. My hair shines in streaks of empowered individualism that runs to grace spirits of melody.In the grasp of the warmth, the water lashes against rock. Liberating salt pepper cliches that surround me in the materialistic world. Freedom has been binding, not really existing like it was in my dream. The warm breeze gets me elated this late afternoon. Happiness worms its way again into my mind. It is a sweet irony, how in the same breeze it was once fluttering like a leaf, restless in agony. Twirling and twisting in the dance of madness.

Blow wind, blow me out of my mind. I'm finding, searching, farther as I may. Turning not again to my lethal mind. It is my own that I fear. Vile demons of creative drought. Words jinxed in an unkind broth. Making me an awful stew.

Blow wind, blow me out of my mind; Until silence descends upon me, unwinding me into another time.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gone Cold

The photographic frame of her eyes catches and scans empty walls. Painted gargoyle, smelling of pungent green moss, desires set aflame. People climb the empty walls in their timidity, like little ants in hurry. Some slip in their fury and fall, some let impatience sweep them. She stares from the thicket of her lashes. Impotent to the fall each man makes, sterile of love. Emptiness feeds on nothing but abortive hope. The sun rests on her lap and the moon grins in all his evil from the sky. Frost laces her hurt and she cuts deep wounds, abrading pale skin, keen to see sign of life. Expecting a fresh warm gush of blood to fill her hungry mind. Starvation burns her insides as she sees nothing but layers of more pale skin beneath.
The window panes shudder and the snow engulfs her again. Her snowman promised her the sun…in love they would melt and become one. Then death came crawling like a spider. Pinching his skin blue. Poison spreading like fire in the forest. Irrevocable, incurable, pounding his temples and hemorrhaging her happiness, she can’t reach out for him with the sun on her lap.
She lets herself shred. Begging the sun to leave her and take her man. Melt him alone. The wind let out a moan. The moonlit night covered him in a blanket of white powder. Here he melted betrayed.
Now she is hollow. Repenting why she let her love die, how fickle is her mind, early spring butterfly.
Completely shred, so half a hand left. Waiting to build her snowman again with her hollowness!
One red rose lies there. Like a blot of blood, crimson and fresh on the eerie whiteness.
The snowman died and no one knew. They..those ants crawling the empty walls crowd among the rose of death. In their shrill voices sing an obituary piercing the dark skies with crackling thunder.
She has no grave. She died with the sun. Her soul haunts the abandoned silver woods. Guarding her snowman in a white cloak, mad beyond madness, guilty beyond redemption…
Unusual love trapped the SNOW-WOMAN. Trapped in the castle of her own fears, prisoner of her own demons…
Gone cold beyond death. SNOW-WOMAN.


I don't want the peace of the graveyard,
I would prefer the turmoil of the ocean
and I shall always sing my own song.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mother Sterility

I dropped a tear into my meal,
And it turned acrid.
It stung my eyes.
I dropped more tears.
Oh! and how the world turned saline!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


There is no occupant,
Nothing to empty till the last drop, but agony.
Old autumn leaf tattered by the wind with holes,
Hollow to the core.
On a course unknown.
Like a camel,
Timid and unintelligent.

Snails grow on me like adamant weeds,
Piercing me with barbs,
Turning purple.
Dead flesh twisting and turning.
Like a reptile whose tail's chopped off.

I'm back to you.
Steal me from the world and I will never ask you.
Bent like an old rubber slipper,
Rusted insides...
Don't let your breath mingle with mine.
Mine is foul.
Corrupt inside.
That foul stench of hollowness.
Pale cuts not oozing blood.
Just Vacant...
Lying in a pool of venom.
Dark Green Venom.
Dinner of the Dark.
Don't touch me..
I'm infected with vacancy

Monday, August 8, 2011

Aged in love

Hell let’s forget the world,
Leave careworn smiles behind.
Here’s to the pastel skies,
Shedding their icy cold,
Melting, like ice floating in a glass full of youth.

Hell let’s forget the world,
Delve into sins,
Triumphant and graceful...
Locked like a bracelet,
Cheering on together,
Up and down the wrist of life!

Hell let’s forget the world,
Silver in age,
Traverse adventures and commit innocent crimes.
Until oblivion conquers us,
And beauty becomes a matter of the mind.

Hell let’s forget the world,
Leave careworn smiles behind.
Who knows…?
When the old woman dies young…
The young man’s old memories shall keep him alive!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Away from rhyme

Every note hung,
Up and down a string.
One word agreeing with another.
To the world's ears music.

Here I stand.
Unstrung, unsung.
Complete in my discord.
Moving silently through every note.
From the baby's lullaby,
Into the leaves in sophomore of the spring.
From the rusted, old temple bell,
Into the morning rain, rattling window panes clean.
Making sure I'm not strung perfectly,
Made into a Tra-la-la.

I'm a note not yet made,
I shall never pigeon hole be.
Away from rhyme,
I beat an unusual euphony!

Khuda aur Insaan

Khuda toh woh hai,
Jisme kush insaan hai.
Aakhir khuda ko bhi toh,
Insaan ne hi banaya hai.

Sabse khusurat hai tu jisse aye zindagi,
Woh to bass doston ka pyaar hai,
Baaki kaun jane ki kya hai zindagi?
Lamhon ki hai zindagi,
Ya zindagi khud hi ek lamha hai?