The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Sunday, July 4, 2010

on the playground...

on the playground...

on the playground everyday , the children gleefully played.
not thinking of anything else and lost in their game, little did they understood someones dream they betrayed!

it was sally the impaired, who was never asked into the game.
they made fun of sally n thought she was timid and lame.

everybody torchured sally with their hurtful words,
but the best at that was jenny , the bully for all the nerds.

every time any words that made sally cry,
the bullies were encouraged to give the teasing another try.

it went on till many days and jenne met with an accident!
he came to school with stitches on his lips, a dreadful scar and a plastered leg.
thought his friends could understand his temperament.

when he entered the classroom everybody stared at him with mock in their eyes.
" they must be surprised" thought he...of their mocking smiles.

but tears stung his eyes as he heard their words cruel,
"hey jenne , where did u get that ugly scar???
a tear ran down his cheeks as he got what he hadn't understood so far!

not after long he heard a voice behind him call,
' dare you make him cry...each one of us have once had a fall'!

jenne turned his head in astonishment....for who was this truthful one?

to his surprise he saw her, a slight smile on her face.
it was sally! the one of whom supported none.

then it hit him hard, all his words harsh.
had he not said,
the one who stood by him all this while was the one of whom a joke he had made!

and now if u see the playground , there are all types of children .
who play together,
not discriminating body or soul.....they value each other.
and will so farther!!

the worlds a playground too,
we are its players.
but we often don't realize the value of coal......
because we are busy searching diamonds!