The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Your sparkling, moist eyes are the world's most beautiful thing.
I wish I could fill them with wonderful stories and fairy-tale dreams.
Please can I fill them with a zoo of amazing things?

What do you stare at?
A dark ceiling of nothingness?
Figures of hatred  swarm around you - Spirits trapped in chaos.
You close your eyes and go back to sleep again.

Open your eyes to the starry night.
I'll rock you in a crib and love your gurgling smiles!
I'll cuddle you honey and sing you rhymes beyond time.

Wriggle your hands,
Wriggle free of all bindings!
You are the one born to be you...
Freedom is in your palms...
Welcome life into your arms!

Morning Glory

The creeper of passion grew,
Waking the mind of the artist...
That morning the purple blue bloomed...
In the sketches of His imagination he drew!

Now and Then

I burnt them all, old letters in a wastebasket.
From them reeked the smell of sorrow,
From them there was no hope of a brighter tomorrow.
It is a mystery, how my mind dies and takes birth again...
I wonder now and then.

Trapped in birth,
The present seems like a curse,
With no past and no present to bury into.
Swinging like a pendulum, my mind travels the sands of time, never dizzy...
I wonder now and then.

Where is the full stop.
A dot that begins where all ends,
So now I set old papers on flame...
Hope may not rise, may never be mine again.
At least, my name will stay in scars and black edges.
Flutter by on an eerie night on burnt letters.
Someone will catch a piece,
Someone passing by will place wonder in me....

Someone to whom my destiny,
Is a funny tragedy,
To be remembered every now and then.