The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Let me be

image: deviantart,Would_You_Let_Me_Be_Myself_by_FLOORBANGER.

Lone at the lake,
I delve back into reflections,my face a distorted image.
I see no else, I hear no more,
I just stare,just alone.
The impatience you hate, the care you love.
The smile you frown at, the soul you curse.
The lies you like, the truth i say you leave far behind.
The face you think is a remarkable pretense,
for you its perfectly charted innocence.
Entwined in the eyes a happy sorrow,
You judge the outer, my mind travels to tomorrow.
I'm never still, never till
I worm my way into a heart to make it break open,
rip walls apart.
You hate , you dislike.
Every part of me that is mine.
Like a mask i bottle up,
Like you just blocked the noose,
not letting me choose to be.
I want to free, but I'm locked in.
The sun the fuel,
The earth the pot,
The sky the lid and my faith to spark.
The day and night are the tongs.
Crammed inside I'm cooking up to be free,
Then you can never judge me.
The world will let me be,
The world will just let me be.
Just let me be!

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  1. wow.....mesmerizing imagination...beautiful words and an apt description..Be all i can say! :)