The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Monday, July 5, 2010

Soul searches...

soul searches,
hidden behind glam,
putting up masks.
I'm glad, I'm real.

Soul searches,
Pep talks and gossips,discussing other lives,
Melting for love instead of wealth.
I'm proud, I'm just real.

soul searches,
behind hollow of the eyes,
flat stomachs, flashy sequined belts.
Anorexia, draining power, pale color.
I'm proud I'm not.
I'm real.

soul searches,
Big dreams, but faking love,
showing off in, letting not the soul beat...
Clothes so tight the heart screams.
free wings but scared of taking a flight?
I'm proud ,I'm not.
I'm real.

If its bothering you.
not being made to suit a fashion model's size,
search your soul.
In its depth you will find,
The beauty he sees is really,
the confidence in you walk,
the joy in your talk.
the twinkle in your eye,
flash of your smile.
Let the world judge your sham.
true love will choose soul searchers.
I'm proud,I'm real.


  1. wow...came to ur spot to reply to ur comment dat u left @ ma blog....nd saw dis one...da title was catchy which led me to read dis one...nd it left me in awe....coz it was beautiful to the hilt..

    nd coz its exactly da way i see the world...devoid of all da shams...nd da facades...where its da soul, da intentions, da emotions and da heart dat matter...nt da superficial, superfluous so called qualities that people today are enamoured with....

    as for the reply to ur comment @ ma blog...i let ma work speak fr maself...guess dats da way introverts express demselves! :)

    luvd dis one...following ya coz i wanna read more! tc!

  2. had commented earlier on dis post....lik in da mornin..dunno y its nt getting displayed! :(

    nyways....came here to reply to the comment u left at ma blog nd found this work..

    its truly amazing coz dis is exactly how i think...i perceive the world without facades, without pretenses, widout the need to be wat it is not...i like to believe everthing in its virgin, true form....devoid of the superflous, superficial so called qualities dat ppl today are enamoured wid...

    luvd dis post...

    as for ur question....yes ma *about me* dsnt say much...guess dats da way introverts express demselves...letting their passion talk! :)

    tc! :)

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