The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Diwali was lighting up every corner, decorating every arch,
I stared at your room dingy dark,
not a ray of light;like the sky without a star.

I cared, i was bothered i was broken at heart.
Were you sick sleeping fast?
Deep inside i was dreading that day,
Slowly you were dying...I don't want to live to see,cant i not change fate?

Your a fighter, i know victory will be yours,
cancer will succumb to your will growing strong.
And i promise i will put up a fight too,
you have set an example , nothing can defeat a spirit true.

You traveled to a different world,
where i am sure love wins over curse.
you are never gone my dear Ray,
I have memories, our friendship will always stay.

Every morning when i go for my jog,
I look up at your room still dark.
I always see a ray seep through, that reminds me of your brave fight and YOU.
It always makes me proudly smile,
Today for you ill run an extra mile!


  1. Really touching!!!
    u hold the potential of becoming a good novelist!!!

  2. I totally agree with Neeraj. really touching.