The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Crossing

Crunching the leaves dry and dead,
hand in hand you and me fled.
The backyard will keep our secret,
Untold story of partners in crime..
We hike on, we float in time.

The lunch box piercing your chest,
tightly clamped, against your thudding breast.
The smell of the woods fills my heart,
Is the cricket warning? or just a sarcastic laugh?

And now finally i breathe a sigh!
looking into your tired eyes,
I know the other side is my better half.
My journey ends here, but without you i cannot start the back walk.
Here we meet our most detested third friend!
Human, reality, cast. I dread.
From here on i travel alone.
To the backyard, to tell the banyan tree of today's chores.
After you are gone, I wait as impatiently only for the sun,
So that with the dawn you crossover again and come!


  1. Hey, I like the style, Could not get to know the entire stuff, though. I love this part of it

    "The backyard will keep our secret,
    Untold story of partners in crime..
    We hike on, we float in time."

    Keep bloggin :)

  2. Beautifully is very whimsical when we know where and with whom happiness lies and still have to refrain from accepted it due to certain constraints that confine us...

    We have to wait...for being happy....Isn't that against the primal laws of nature...of all the things that were supposed to be ours, happiness should be free and accessible...

    there should not be a wait entitled...

    luvd your post...beautifully done! :)

  3. thanks for your comments on "Sands Of Time"....I wish I could say I was fine....but dats k. :)
    will keep writing coz dont hav ny oder way or ny1 to talk to....coz u wld agree da way we write or think, ders only a handful few who would know wat we mean..

    den again bein an introvert doesnt help! :)

    totally agree wid u take on reality...detest it to the core...dis world and its materialistic traits...sumtimes feels..shld pack bags..nd jst leave, widout a clue about the destination...jst leave...nd do wat i want to...write...experience natue in its raw form...nd live.. keep writing! :)

  4. @ deepak

    thanks for dropping by and appreciating :)