The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Legend of Ice Break

A puerile face, peeped into the old cupboard. Her beady black eyes searched for long, until they happened to rest upon the wooden chest. She hastily brushed back a curly strand of hair from her face.

Alas,her tiny palms were no match.The heavy chest would not open its arms. But the strong princess did not give up. She fostered all her courage, she stood up.Huffing and puffing with all her life, blood splashing a hue of red on her angelic face...she managed to open the old chest.

A blast of purple light blinded her! When she awoke, she was amazed to see. A fairy there waiting, watching her happily. She neither spoke, nor sang.....confused the little princess held the fairy's hand. The fairy led the princess through a grass maze. There seemed some light, even stronger than the purple blinding one. The princess jumped, stretched her neck...until her toes began to ache.

Suddenly a cold blow stabbed her heart. Sweat trickled down her spine, tears flowed and she lost her smile. Her hand not clasped in the fairy's anymore, the little princess could not move! she just froze.

Then a volcano burst from her stomach and melted her frozen heart. She detested,the fairy mother's kind face! A mere sham!
Tired, weary to calm her heart, the princess closed her eyes as her father's words came clear and close.

"Trust your strengths, believe your goal,
Let injustice not master you,
keep away from self pity and jealousy sore,
You will grow wings strong, all of your own,
And fly higher,bring justice home"

A burst of light broke the maze. The princess grew little wings,still weak but all her own. Then running at the speed of light , smashing all in her way...the princesses wings grew bigger, stronger at each gait. Then she took a flight so high, above the blinding purple mist. She saw the tower, still hidden in the purple shroud.

Her wings ached but she would never surrender, to the cruel fairy and her magic of disguise. She still remembered her motherly face. The little princess had trusted her then. She had thought the little princess will succumb, perish in the evil maze. The little princess forgot her ache, and perched on the towers top clearing the haze.

Astounded to see her reach alive. The fairy's motherly face turned green,shrouded in jealousy's grime. Her evil ghoulish face, shook the princess still little. But she had to let fear pass and not show on her face pink.

The fairy was way too strong and had wings so powerfully grown. She froze the princess in a flash...

The princess is frozen at the top of the tower...along with moss and dead flowers.
But the story does not end here. Her heart is beating she has to just combat fear.Soon the princess will melt and free...and a brutal will shall take her over. To rescue her prince, trapped in the tower!


  1. dats sum story of of belief....summoning will to do that one thing that you feel destined for...beautifully crafted...loved the raw instinct of survival embedded in your work along with the little nuances of character development.

    the heart will beat and the ice will melt...nd she will reach da! :)

  2. @ Maverick

    Not as strong in the prose department but the picture inspired me and my imagination took on. Thanks a lot for observing the nuances of character development. with that encouragement, the sequel , m sure will come out even better!

    tc :)