The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Magentic Beauty.......

Just across the window pane, hiding behind the curtain something caught my sleep ridden eye. A splash of magenta,coyly inviting me to celebrate the warm rays of sun.Now enough inspired to pull out of the cozy bed I reached the window, resting my body half oh the wall. Still the cozy embrace of my warm blanket hadn't left me. One cant help but adore, this lovely, full grown rose. A hybrid by section of two breeds of roses that is very beautiful but rarely survives! My mind traveled back to the thoughts that had whirled in it when i fought logic to buy this expensive shrub. Nurturing it all this while, not expecting this magnetic, Magentic burst of joy. Prettily dancing to the winds tune, charmed by its color the butterfly fluttered only to rest and not leave for seconds.I was finding it impossible to control my urge to touch its soft petals. The seconds the butterfly perched itself for on the rose, felt like years to me. In front of the flower, even the beauty of the magnificent winged creature seemed dull to me. Well...maybe it was my love, my sense of belonging at work.The child is always pretty for the mother.My mind now drifts to when it will start to wilt! Can it not live forever? This magentic beauty ..... will have to wither! give in to natures all of us have to. Why did it make the most beautiful last the least? Ranging from the butterfly to the little, pure drop of rain and of course this masterpiece. What went into it? I wondered.....maybe no human form, artist or entity can duplicate its color, charm and purity! No not one....not even the best painter in the world, not even the best photographer in the world!Perhaps I have discovered today...why the best things are the shortest lived. Nature does not want duplication,crushing originality.....evil human instincts that suck out everything pure. Leaving a unnerving pain....a song of sorrow. No I agree now to nature's law. Let it wilt instead in grace. Accept getting old and celebrate it with the thorns and the leaves. Let the butterfly suck its nectar and make the moment a monument of its love...and promise in the mud's embrace they will live forever. Let their love never die.....One last time i close my eyes, capturing the beautiful epitome of purity. As i turn to leave, I make a wish....again for the love of the butterfly and the rose to last forever. The rose will leave a magenta of happiness in my dreams, fill my mind with its scent of purity.


  1. luvd da mch as "Stoned" was radical...this was contemplative...nd beautifully so..

    idealism exists...purity too...shortlived nd expectations will always contradict dis perceived phenomenon of evrythng good lasting for a short while...

    shouldn't something dat is so beautiful, so marvelous, wonderful and ideal be cherished...lived all out....for eternity...shouldn't it last...shouldn't we make evry effort...invest evry possible last iota of our will into making it stay...

    bt des again as i said r jst idealistic thoughts...cant help it.

    luvd ur post...wonderfully done...keep at it! :)


  2. so true...things of beauty are transient and that no one can replicate their form...

    nature's laws are so foolproof and insightful...everything happens for a reason....the eternal sunshine, the blooming and withering rose, the changing seaons...nature has planned everything for us

  3. @ maverick

    yes..perhaps that is where our inspiration to writing also comes from.Nature inspires more than anything else. :) thanks a lot

    tc :)

  4. @ Aparna
    I agree with you totally, nature sure has everything planned for us. Nothing can intervene....its the power that no human can dare to overthrow.

    Thanks a ton for your comments. :)