The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Monday, November 1, 2010

Adding color to a grey winter

Winter comes and generally the dark and checkered colors are out of the closet and fresh spring colors are pushed in. Eventually, stating that one should wear this and that color to stay trendy makes no sense. Some colors just don't look good on some skin complexions and others might not find specific colors appealing. One can never go wrong with black, brown, gray, red, purple and mustard yellow for fall/winter.

They are always in and look great with just one funky accessory to add some glam and warmth for the winter. So, how to wear the color fashion trends? Wear them as your key piece clothing; as a black turtleneck sweater, grey chunky cardigan, orange floral blouse or a dress, and balance it with a pair of classic dark blue or black jeans. Luckily, the color trend for fall/winter Fashion 2009 is subtle enough to wear to work. Pair them up with pointed black shoes or pumps.

Scarves add to the sensuousness and style and pink and beige in satins are unique choices.Checkered scarves are now very common so they aren’t very in.
If you want to get the most out of your fall/winter fashion 20010 wardrobe budgets, you might want to focus on buying accessories in those colors, such as a knit scarf in burnt sienna (orange), beaded jewelry in teal or a suede bag in tan brown.
If you want a more exotic look, accompany the color tones with gold or silver jewelry. The metallic shine remarkably accentuates the beauty in the colors. A Simple metallic bangle or a nice studded bracelet in aqua or yellow looks very classy.

So How to wear it? Overdoing it might get one looking over dressed and the next fashion disaster! Wear them in small doses and balance them out with a couple of garments from the wardrobe essentials-list. Like for example, the studs and sequins. If you're wearing a studded leather jacket, sequin vest or plaid shirt, work around it by adding colors and clothes that complement the look. Like a pair of distressed denim jeans complement a plaid shirt without being too "out there".
Whatever you choose to wear, remember to keep it the trends and essentials at a 50/50 level. Avoid bringing too much of the good stuff because one would end up looking out of the place. Being too ‘matchy matchy’ is strict no-no, green bag, blue jeans, green earrings and green shoes yells disaster!
These trends will help you look cool and cuddly and make your winter colorful. Not to forget the always applicable fashion mantras for any season ‘wear what you are comfortable in’. Style comes from confidence within.

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