The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Always in bloom art Painting/digitalpainting-adrian2

Facing the shine, never choosing to whine.
strong stem , buried deep as like roots nailed within.
Standing against the test of time,
Putting the wind to a power test,
Yellow gem, you are all mine.
layers of petals covering your core,
So many like you stand a cluster,
but the bees the butterflies, you they chose.
Thumbelina's home, tells a tale.
Why safe in your and no other arms?
Breathing safe, petals the shield,
You still let the life seep in.
Then when she was strong, you let go.
But, i want to be in your arms, don't separate the dew from the drops!
With you i want to wilt,
You die, giving me mind will throb with guilt, day and night.
For all the hope you dare,
For all the joy you share,
For all the love you care,
For all the warmth you spare...
You are special and beyond compare
I love you, my sunflower..
May you always keep growing,
My memories are fodder ...... I'll water you with magical tears that keep my eyes flooding!

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