The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dawn Knight

On the dark surface of the night,
The fly of oblivion buzzes past.
I stare at the knowings of my life,
Shrouded in askance.

Clout of unknown suspicion haunts.
But your loving gaze rules the night.
My passions strike again and again.
So, I let my tormented mind drown.
Polishing old remains.

You look inside my hollow eye.
You taste the frown that dances my lips.
You choose to sew a scattered heart.
My hunger you tame.
Making splashed paint come to life.

In your fire I burn my soul,
On your tender kisses I thrive.
Vulnerable I hate to be,
Like knife slicing through butter,
You make me in strength believe.
Hope floats to survive.

Sorrow licks my plate of sumptuous treats clean,
Tethered to my sins,
I pretend to be bravery queen.

Rider of dawn,
You stroke my hair,
Re-kindling my joys.

Stay you may immortal...
Cast pale shadows chasing off the night.
Embrace me so eternally.
Encase me in your love tomb.
And I shall live with you beyond time.


  1. Beautifully done....not many find this kind of joy in someone's company...just wistful thinking or something real? :)


    luvd it!

  2. 'Encase me in your love tomb
    And I shall live with you beyond time'.

    Although I don't now believe in this eternal stuff, but I did when I was your age; quite natural.

    The above lines are good, echo the 17th century metaphysical poets.

  3. @maverick :) Thanks so much for liking it :)some are blessed with the joy ;)

  4. @ Syed Thanks a lot for the compliment and for liking my work.Love is different for different people and so is the definition of eternity.

    We all are like pebbles. we all are different.
    Roughened or smoothed, sharpened or rounded by LIFE :)
    it is all about experiences each one has faced.

  5. @ Niya Thanks for liking my work and welcome to my blog :)