The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Monday, September 19, 2011


My own blood turns hostile to me.
Cells disintegrate and sink into it like ships with holes.
This breathlessness does not stop me,
Stability suffocates me.

My mind travels, swollen with exhaustion.
Swooning with abstract images of a bygone life,
When I was blasted but not broken.
I was thrown but untaken.


  1. stability suffocates me...

    oh it does alot... awesome thought! loved it :)

  2. Oh yes, the 'mind travels', though exhausted; surviving being 'blasted' and 'untaken'. Is there a hidden desire for 'stability', though apparently it 'suffocates'?

  3. @ Niya thanks for liking it ! There is nothing like change to spice life... take care :)

  4. @ Syed Oh yes! That is why it is a junkyard of a whole lot of messy things...Things dumped into stagnancy/stability for being useless. Rusting away...yet trying overcome the suffocation and free...only to end up choosing that suffocating stability again! ah the mind!

  5. @ syed Thanks for your valuable comments and that observant read :) cheers!

  6. @ devangini

    a claustrophobic junkyard for sure...and yes, stability has that innate nature that stifles your urge to be dynamic..lulls you into a state of pseudo-security and safety.

    beautifully done! :)

  7. @maverick

    Thanks so much for your valuable comments and happy to know you feel the same :). tc