The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Sunday, August 28, 2011


The sun shines soft today,soothing a strand here and there. My hair shines in streaks of empowered individualism that runs to grace spirits of melody.In the grasp of the warmth, the water lashes against rock. Liberating salt pepper cliches that surround me in the materialistic world. Freedom has been binding, not really existing like it was in my dream. The warm breeze gets me elated this late afternoon. Happiness worms its way again into my mind. It is a sweet irony, how in the same breeze it was once fluttering like a leaf, restless in agony. Twirling and twisting in the dance of madness.

Blow wind, blow me out of my mind. I'm finding, searching, farther as I may. Turning not again to my lethal mind. It is my own that I fear. Vile demons of creative drought. Words jinxed in an unkind broth. Making me an awful stew.

Blow wind, blow me out of my mind; Until silence descends upon me, unwinding me into another time.


  1. 'My hair shines in streaks of empowered individualism' is a good phrase. If only one could transcend thought, transcend the mind, one would achieve oneness, freedom and peace. It's a tall order though.

    Good post. Since you have transcended rhyme, each post is better than the previous one. This one reads like like poetic prose.

    Keep writing.

  2. @ Syed Thanks Syed, With god's grace i hope we all transcend into beauty beyond time...and we shall! Thanks for your encouraging comments and liking my post!

    Cheers! tc