The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dark Hole

On your axis vile men gloom. Turning their heads to innocent,cherubic faces. Junkyards swallow once green meadows. On the moon rests my lovely window.Here it cannot touch me,this brutality that I have borne like scars on my heart. You go on twisting and twisting. Striking with your cruel blows. Rattling mass. Slashing hopes.

You could not bare anymore, Women eating men like air? Or did you fail to bear the looming lust of hungry ghouls? Like children counting days to candy, you eagerly ate all the dirt. The worms laid on a table of four. You fed them hurt they took it.

Your core is not molten. It is piping red and hot. Yet it is so impenetrably wild. Unkind to them you spin. Take your ugly game on them. Riding with rage and jealousy.
They confessed their vulnerable sides and you squashed...squashed until they shed their bones. Rattled until they died.

This wicked game you play. Only till death takes its toll. Only till then. You can conquer no spirit. You have left your brutal footprints.

The moon sings to the darkness and I faint.
My window blasting with light.
I'm no extraterrestrial, but I stretch my hand out and you heal.
I fall into a dark pit, beyond death there is utter silence.
No, not an earthling.
Meaningful silence...
Silence talking to me.
"You did it right. You made it alive."

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