The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Sunday, January 9, 2011


A green leaf once came to live,
branches of two twigs,
one hopeful,
one less hope,
fought and fought for days alone.

Breaking off was not to be,
it hurt the tree could see,
a beautiful flower nearby,
said that's nothing,
it will cease.

Growth came,
dew of love gently brushed,
but nothing to the leaf's relief.
strong the leaf bore the winds,
Fighting every brutal chill.

Slowly maturing yellow aged,
the branches strong but waging still,
tearing apart the leaf,
two worlds torn,
its veins bursting.

Beneath a malicious fall,
but into the lovely flowers arms,
one that loved,
one that friend,
one that hope,
one that ray.

But the flower in fury,
an unknown sort,
banished the leaf a land forlorn,
detached the leaf shattered,
knowing not what trust felt?

Wilt is taking over fast,
seems every purpose lost,
one last of its very dreams,
when the wilt takes on the winds spin,
powder of a courageous feat,
making way to the flowers roots,
loving, living , caring through.

The flower's joy safe and sound,
the only love death unbound,
existence cant bar the leaf,
wilted it will eternal live,
breathe vibrant color of faith,
light shines through silhouettes,
cherishing dreams of the leaf the wind will get!


  1. The metaphors used are very if the source is known, sumwer close by....can relate to it.

    The expressions are beautiful...just wish the leaf understands that flower's disdain is momentary...for without the leaf its colours would never liven up...da contrast and the dash of green dat da leaf adds to the flower's persona is undefinable...

    its their destiny to bloom and live together...and shrivel away nd die too...mebbe da flower will wilt 1st...or be plucked its scent will still linger...a reminder dat it was nd always will b der.....

    beautifully done...loved it! :)

  2. Yes they will definitely live together as for without the flower the leaf's existence is incomplete and impossible.
    The flower must always live on..longer, happier,together forever :)

    thanks for the comment tc :)
    waiting for ur new work, hope to see it soon :)