The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Monday, January 10, 2011


Why do we lose the real in search of the immaterial?
Why do we walk past sorrow when we can leap to hope?
Why do we love others, more than our very own?
Why can’t we love without hate?
The question remains….

How can we deceive when we must believe?
How do we curse when we must nurse?
How can we feel tired without trial?
How can a mixture lead to original?
The question remains….

What is laughter without pain?
What is victory without the risky game?
What is beyond if the farthest is near?
What does it mean to vanish, disappear?
The question remains…

Why don’t we sight the straight, the obvious,
Some questions we never ponder,
truths we choose to not discover.
Yes indeed,
It was schizophrenically monotonic,

Yet we did not ever think!


  1. An unending series of questions that encircle unseen halo that is only visible to the people who pause and take notice...take stock...

    unanswered questions truly....wonderfully done! :)

  2. @ Maverick

    Hey thanks a ton :)
    take care :)

  3. i feel like we have our answers to each question, yet we leave them unanswered so that mysteries remain.. it's in the mystery and the unexpected that we find the amazing.. yet also the truly heartbreaking.. i love your blog! check mine out