The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Friday, January 14, 2011

To the world...

Not that i care,
what you perceive.
For all the pain the thorn gives,
only the rose's beauty in the mind pricks.

Slender waisted or bloating with banter,
Pink and pampered or dark or discoloured,
who are you to make my existence?
Who are you to judge with malevolence?
O world who are you?

Meager crumbs or useless hopes,
I live on,on my own,
I have an angel with a rainbow of halos
And I will run a mile the clouds,
we will dine with the sun,
we will shadow our duties bound..
Who are you to call me misfit?
Who are you to call me a convention?
O world who are you?

Hair of raven or colourless like dump water,
Not your concern, not your goal.
Mind your own,
Mind, remember I have an angel you don't.
Who are you to make some story?
Who are you to call me funny?
O world who are you?

One eye,
Sunk or floating,keep your labels.
Save them for further reference.
Be done,
I don't care because I sense your guilt,
Your green envy,
You don't have,
an angel like me.
Good bye,
I pray you be free.
Just tell mine...
Who are you to feel sympathetic?
O world who are you?

1 comment:

  1. There's disdain in this one...nt in a negative way...disdain that stems from ill-treatment...and unnecessary strife.

    The way you have posed questions personifies assertion and aggression about the world intruding into your personal space and infringing on some areas of your persona that are best left untouched...very personal...very intensely intricate...

    luvd the defiance...and loved the questions....and must say you are lucky...coz u hav such as angel. :)

    liks it! tc!