The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The ugly beauty

Hidden behind fishy eyes,
a hollow bit of a melancholic smile.
When the world kisses her beauty,
she craves seclusion.
Draped in glamour,
so much so
she hides the simple.
Not one knows,
Plain may lie behind pretty endeavors.

Into her heart,
is a box of troubles.
Joy lies in a chest within,
engulfed in crushed remains of twisted twigs.

Fingers caught in a mouse trap,
hinges scream,
guts cram,
freedom will come to believe,
playing on with miracles mean.
Petrifying every evil,
fiercely winding on,
the ugly beauty.


  1. I've found your blog while digging for some information. And I think I like your writing. So I decided to follow you and I hope you don't mind. Oh, btw I'm Kayun from Malaysia. :)

  2. Away from all the shams and facades that are setup...voluntarily or otherwise...beyond the illusions and mirages of perceptions..

    at the core a person is something so different from every judgement that we could have...and at his/her heart is a bundle...of joys, sorrows, worries, desires and a whole lotta other things...

    a bundle that is carefully stowed away somewhere in the dark corners of the soul..

    beautifully presented....luvd it! tc! :)

  3. @Kayun

    Thanks for liking it...m glad u feel that way..
    my pleasure!

    tc :)

  4. @ maverick


    Thanks, that is the core essence of it all!
    tc :)

  5. you wrote a few stunning phrases here! some that i wish i wrote.. ;)