The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Riding the woods......

The Pine,
The Bark,
The owl's alarm in the moon's arc.

The halloween peaks,
Capped in ice,
The abhominal roams.

The tranparent turns opaque,
Fog is at its chase.
Leaves treacherous, branches hollow.

Little love birds sense and seer,
chirping tales to the deer.
Like a night song soothing,
their destinies waging fear.

Wolf prying,
the impertinent breeze slying.
Roaring, a harbinger its fellow grey skies.
The canvas is set,
The window pane wet,
The fresh dew is my paint.
And so all set.

Riding the woods in my dreams.
What a thrill,
the abhominable stands still....
As I draw my sword of will.


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  2. Awestruck...dats the word....its so mesmerizing and innovative at its core dat it leaves one spellbound...the whole idea and the description is very hypnotic.

    Beautiful...loved it! :)


  3. Nice.. :) first time here..

  4. Makes us remember Robert Frost's "Woods are lovely dark n deep....".

    Ride in the deadliest forests, into the dense wilderness, with a candle lit with courage, finding way in the soot of foggy nature...hope rides on.....