The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One of those days.....

Painting:Morning Magic J.R. Sell Original Art

From the top I gaze,
The road invites me,
The birds flying by, to find a warmer place.
The sun brings warmth, fueling the fog's rage.
It's one of those days...

Hypnotized,Bewitched...I run out the door,
Running the steps as if flying low.
Onto the beauty the morning jewel,
I plant my dream near the wild lilies shade.
It's one of those days...

The lily drops its head to the breeze,
As if a pact of guarding my dream.
I bow, in a humble,nonchalant grace,
The little squirrel, the witness of pact,
Coyly, blushing nibbling past....

As I walk to the music in my head,
Peaceful the blue sky shed,
I dig my pocket and suddenly feel,
Some seeds of sin, crave within.
And as I fish them out in my hand...
Beans of coffee sinfully grin,
Smirking at them...I move on to no land.

The path has ended, its charismatic fate.
Dawn now casting its spell.
I will buzz along home with the bee..
She will spare some honey for me?
I will spill it all over the place,
It's just one of those..
those happy days...


  1. Very beautifully expressed...especially the first four stanzas....innocence and simplicity reign in this one and it is the candid expression of a happy and free mind...

    luvd it!

    tc! :)

  2. @ Maverick
    Thank you so much for appreciating the detailing
    and the sweetness of a simple work of art.

    tc :)

  3. @ haddock

    yes... this painting by J.R Sell is truly a masterpiece.. i luvd it too..its hipnotizing.

    Thanks for dropping by

    tc :)

  4. very close to nature

    cheers ~

  5. @ aparna

    Thanks a lot dear!

    cheers! :) tc