The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


There is no occupant,
Nothing to empty till the last drop, but agony.
Old autumn leaf tattered by the wind with holes,
Hollow to the core.
On a course unknown.
Like a camel,
Timid and unintelligent.

Snails grow on me like adamant weeds,
Piercing me with barbs,
Turning purple.
Dead flesh twisting and turning.
Like a reptile whose tail's chopped off.

I'm back to you.
Steal me from the world and I will never ask you.
Bent like an old rubber slipper,
Rusted insides...
Don't let your breath mingle with mine.
Mine is foul.
Corrupt inside.
That foul stench of hollowness.
Pale cuts not oozing blood.
Just Vacant...
Lying in a pool of venom.
Dark Green Venom.
Dinner of the Dark.
Don't touch me..
I'm infected with vacancy


  1. Such despondency,'bent like an old rubber slipper', 'dinner of the dark'; one does feel like this at times. I hope this is just a short phase for you.

  2. @Syed :) Maybe it is a phase... Its this dark side of me that just turns on

  3. Loved the title just as much!