The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Sunday, September 19, 2010

To and fro

Perched at the porch,
rusty smelly palms,
feeling the thrill,
my stomach churning on.

I'm off now but its following still,
What enchanting flow, what a soulful swing.
Beads of sweat, hair smelling sweet,
I stare at my palm, beginning to itch.

My vision moves to the feet,
Muddy,filthy content and free.
The grass below is dancing underneath,
In Chorus with the swing's Retreat.

while after when still,
the creaking sound wont pester in,
When the sparrow arrives at the suns consent,
perches on you, my mind is upset!

Its time for me to set the tables,
I want to reach high,
fly, believe with you,
stretch one palm out and feel the golden air.
Make breeze with spring in my feet and laughter in my hair.

But from the window I admire you stance.
Swing..... rusted, old
You hold memoirs of my childhood and more.


  1. a perfect blend of nostalgia and arcane desires evoked by some of the most simplest and yet joyous things in life....this one exudes innocence and thats what makes it endearing...luvd it. tc! :)

  2. I agreee with Maverick! This was absolutely nostalgic. Kinda makes you take a deep breath in and let the memories flood your soul and then you exhale just to do it all over again. Absolutely beautiful!