The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gone Away...

On the Silver Oak tree,
I planted my childhood dreams,
I hid one that wintery night and the blue moon watched me.

Dropping late eve’ shows,
For stars were at stake…
I watched the wind dancing on the Asoka trees instead.

Joey my pillow is wet,
From tears I needn’t exuberate,
For now you are a good old boy,
I must be happy, but I’d much rather regret.

O’ Neem I know not your hooting call now,
For my ears are choked,
With a thousand million DB and some chorus of the smoke.

There are no sweet, round pebbles,
All I can pick is greed,
Of sugar-hungry souls, pouring out like ants from an ant-hill.

Watch me moon, watch me now,
Worming like a squeak,
Every day I push and pull at doodles of useless strings,
But stationery and frozen I stand, like a piece of meat,
Like packed in old newspaper,
Not a liberated kite, elated and in glee.

My home is here,
My land is gone.
My love is my happiness,
My family my strong.
That thing I cherish both here and there.

His love embraces me tender,
Just like the Guava tree’s shade.
In Maverick manure I grow,
It is pure beauty that I grace!
It's true love always there that seldom needs show!

Robin peck my bananas crazy,
Though I’m not behind the curtains, watching.
Squirrel cuddle the grass mad,
For in life there’s no stopping.
You never know when it’s sun,
When the clouds come marching.

Gone away to my love,
Gone away with my knight,
With him I shall return to make the earth my land…
As green as the Parakeet’s guise!
I promise.


  1. That is truly simple...unlike ur other poems..which are very difficult to understand. Nonetheless its very beautiful!!!

  2. Beautifully done....the longing....the choked emotions portray ur homesickness rilly well....detachment is possible but never from such a lovely place...all i can say is such is the draw, the allure of your home...that there will be a day when you find your way back there. tc! :)

  3. @ Mav And i shall :)) thanks for liking it!!! :) tc

  4. nice and very lovely poem
    really sweet
    loved each and every word of it

  5. "There are no sweet round pebbles,
    All I can pick is greed,
    Of sugar-hungry souls, pouring out like ants from an ant-hill."

    Good lines.
    Let's hope you'll be able to fulfil your promise soon.

  6. @ Syed Thank you very much :) I'm hoping so too...may the best happen. Thanks for appreciating. tc