The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Creaking Shoes

Image: red shoes by sarinni deviantart

Nothing holds the lament harsh,
too big a wig, too scornful a laugh.
Eroding flesh for her punishing stand,
Nothing worthy in all's command.

Fainting light of her love,
Fist in a pot painted gargoyle.
Breaking isn't what shaping did,
Many compulsions to chose between.

Upon the reclusive wind,
She signed a pact and summoned a dream.
Dauntless below,
Fearless above...
She breathed.

Love lost her heart found,
Not no more in her misery bound,
She stepped out...
Blistering but braver,
Tear drop now evaporating fear.
Her feet dance in joy...
Conchs of time her toy.

Out and away from semblance,
Sore from helplessness,
Weary of suppression.

Out of his misery grasp,
Out into the sun,
Drying her spirit drenched.

Standing out of her creaking shoes.
She sways!
Light as ever!
She sways.


  1. The emotion.....the sensation of breaking free from bondage, whether self-elicited or imposed, is lets your spirit rise with startling velocity, so much so that you find it surprising at the heights at which it now carelessly is a wonderful feeling.

    tc! :)

  2. @ Maverick...lovely perception..lovelier the way u have reflected what you felt after reading the poem. Thanks!

  3. amazing poetry.

    welcome join poets rally today:

    bless you.

  4. @ jingle thanks is sure will! :)

  5. I love the topics you choose to write on..very very unique and interesting

  6. 'Out and away from semblance,
    Sore from helplessness,
    Weary of suppression'

    The symbol of new creaking shoes has been worked out well, successfully.

    Good poem.

  7. @ syed Thank you so much for understanding :) and appreciating ofcourse :)