The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Monday, May 9, 2011


I walk inside, dull and dreary. Into a dark tunnel that smells of mediocrity. Stinking like stale cake.Battered and whipped into a batter only to be baked into a work of some hypocrite. They call themselves writers. They pick up different ingredients of originality to make a stupid, plagiarism of a recipe. It stinks gross, like snot and puke and bile. I let it wash out of me, but I cannot get rid of this static reaction, so I let myself get poisoned.A result of rusting creativity that cannot stand this awful smell of sham. My brain is still, but confused thoughts are waltzing like lack luster pearls around my bloodied head. More chunks of my original insides rush out, in an attempt to free! Fear burns my throat like acid. I sense it coming up my throat. I'm going to throw up again.And again. And again...

They will always be human. They will decay and our work will live even when the nibs of our imagination numb and the ink of our passions cease to flow. Like a cow they will chew and chew onto our independence until our nerves shred and our gray cells disintegrate.

I until then, choose to nauseate and throw up instead be the slave of a vile monarch in the guise of timid democrat. Bawling my words at him.
Just Throwing up not giving up.


  1. Avid description...of a scene that is so common these days. Mediocrity donning the guise of ingenuity and trying to pass as brilliance. Nothing against being mediocre, but everything against plagiarism and copying something and calling it our own.

    The sheer disdain and the lack of a conscience surprises me to date. This work is a scream from a writer who dwells in a duplicate world. Everything around us seems a sham and so finding someone who swears by originality is like an oasis in a desert as big as the universe.

    Ur feelings mirror mine. Wish i could invite you into my world, where there's dreams...and in dreams its only imagination that reigns! :)

    tc! luvd dis one!

  2. You nailed it.
    We sail on the same cloud, and I will enter into your world to share this mutual disdain and more. There only you say shall recreate itself. :)

    Thanks. :) tc

  3. nice thoughts and in short bahut kuch kah dia tumane
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