The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hyacinth Retorts

These veins beneath,
The calm blue of my exterior...
Grapeful purple spite,
Of your endless fiendish malice...

Violent my colour will kill you,
Joyous my dreams beat you.
Like a yo-yo vicious in naivety's hands.
Back at you my antipathy rants.

You drained my colour,
You made me mad.
I was blooming but you scraped the stem off the hand.

Cleaning filth yet born with it,
Leafs of slander will trap you,
Inner peace will drill through...
Pain will make its dent there.

Euphoric I will float across,
Mockery making its dance of rot.
Many like thy must be rinsed.
Veins of vile and bones of barbarity,
Burnt in the scorch divinity.

My moon will dance and your sun will sink.
Shun the birth of cruelty.
Ersatz your love has shrunk.
Too small to fit my loving heart.


  1. A defiant outburst at an entity that clears has caused pain and hurt. And the confidence and will in this one seems all the more powerful. luvd it! :)

  2. @maverick
    Thanks for liking it :)