The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Matrimoney Market

Broken knees to
Bursting hearts.
Ribcage ripping,
Razoring realities,
stalk, stalk,stalk.

Archaic Communion cottage cheese like,
Fits only petty hearts,
Freezing rites.

Not fist but testicles,
The heart.
Their heart.
That's the size.

Zombies locking hearts on rings,
Rings exorbitant buy souls in swapping.
Round and round,
On pyre ground,
Hollow circle, chanting crowd...
Engulfed in nothingness.

The lock fits not the same key,
Deformation infidelity.

Passive infideling,
Trashed them...
Plath the genius,
Sexton the fabulous,

The flame we surround,
In a want of fire.
Trapped in the market of mirrors.
Each Deceive, malign.

World market of fairness crease,
Melanin, not a disease.
Loosing it just to please.
Slicing off, amputating,
Bullying the brains off genius it is.

It has caught,
Victimized herds.
All of them.
All the 'hers'

Let perfection the brutes,
Scandalize beauty.
Trap the butterfly,
Cut the wings to make it pretty.

Water not the thorns.
Spit Spiel.
Blades on identities.


  1. The chase of perfection...the race for mindless adherence of the so called social necessities...the standards and levels that need to be conformed to in order to garner social acceptance....its all so nauseating...

    seeing the same episodes occur in a cycle...nd yet not end even when we pride ourselves for opening our mins to new possibilities....

  2. It is amazing, though not surprising how you catch the essence of everything! :)

    But Truly,nothing can fetch happiness, no product of this filthy market. They pitch as much as they want one day they will be torn, picked like a sponge and twisted to drain all the nonsense.

    Thanks again for the perspective.It is truly awesome. :)