The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Just a hush at midnight,
Imagination sneaks in companionship
Of worries, fears and dreams,
All sublime.

A land of toys,
They drift like clouds in candor,
I set my feet in,
Softly...making a little sound like dew drops on leafs.

Tapping in toy land is a crime,
Plastic anger beyond the iniquitous dark,
Each is same to the neighbour
No fights,
No one unprecedented
All alike.

The line of crimson on my pale face,
Marvel turns into an ‘o’ disgrace!
I shun the darkness,
I shout,
Shattering the materialistic loud.

And shaken they stare around,
The soldier, the ballerina, the Amelia,
Even the sailor and the teddy bear.
Stiff dissolves in a caring cloud,
I cup my hands and breathe,
The moon has bid the sun is in,
The clichés have ceased dance,
The Key has to be turned again,
Igniting nothing new now.
I’m a vagabond,
I will traverse a lively sky,
A vibgyor new,
Once again stumble upon the earth,
The Toy Land.
The plastic crowd.

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