The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


A dam burst,
Savage waters swept everything.

Dreams in a pipe,
Hopes caught in turbines,
Debris a-good-great-memory,
One thing but rose in the flood,
Of the expectations worldwide,
Caught in a whirlwind time-wind.

Making sure,
Turning sore, short spurts of desire,
How puerile, how gibberish.

The cruel water chasing sharp rocks,
Attempting to smoothen,
Not with folly pared.
Just transforming them into wizened pebbles.

In the war,
No David saves the dam,
Water against water,
Stone against stone.
Me a silent bubble,
Sailing on a sea of noise…
Squelched in no time.


  1. excellent! so many images and the messages cut clear through

  2. Mute witness to the catastrophe I be,
    try to wade into the waters,
    But you do not let me,
    Standing on the shores seems such a sin,
    When I could cup my hands,
    And hold the bubble in....

    likd it! tc!

  3. @ Maverick

    I'm sure you will,
    rescue in no time,
    whirlpools can't survive love divine

    Thanks, tc