The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Be the change to bring the change

What comes to your mind the word education?? I had never given it a thought until during a workshop in my graduation last year a professor told us to draw ‘ the sunrise’. Now have you ever seen the clichéd yellow and orange sun, rising out of two razor sharp mountains? I don’t think any of us ever did! But surprisingly, a friend of mine from Kazakhstan drew ants and farming tools! That was the sunrise for him!
We had always drawn sunrise according to how the chalk-and –board teachers ‘ordered’ us to! If we drew it in any other way we were yelled at! I remember one drawing class where we were told to draw a bunch of flowers. My flower had petals each of different color and was laughed at mockingly by my pals and teacher. How can it ever be forgotten? Little wings of creativity chopped off ignorantly even before growing stronger to fly.
Why are we ‘imparted’ education? One that is impractical at times even irrelevant to surroundings. Why are commerce students still studying the 1980’s syllabus with just a few ‘so called’ reforms and changes that is nothing but grammatical corrections and changes in a few names. Why is a dance graduate, not as important as an engineer?? Why is the world cluttered with MBA’s? Criticizing the system or the people alone would be lame. For education is a process of enlightenment, it has to be a joint effort and using the blanket of blame to cover the very fact that we are not strong enough is of no use. Passing the buck would make no difference. Why do WE accept it? Doing nothing about it, taking what comes along? There are practical difficulties yes, more than one ways to solve them if minds unite.
My inner voice yells at me to stop talking that. It hopes for a wonderful mentor, guru, and leader to change the scene and be that boon of change. Perhaps one of us is that boon. Perhaps someday hope and horizon will be one.
We have to find our original selves, fight for our wings to become stronger, and then the world will see our flight. The world will know that we have a place in it that belongs only to us. Perhaps minds have started thinking, perhaps inner voices are awakening, and hope is coming closer to horizon.



  1. Devangini, there is an awakening yes, the world is changing yes; atleast you all are asked for a feedback on faculty; we did not have that kind of privilege.

    Keep on with the good work and efforts and the rainbow will be yours.

    Sonali Brahma

  2. hey thanks :)yup we really hope so..he he is the headline? :)