The black the white the gray of life

The black the white the gray of life

Monday, January 2, 2012

The art of Inspiring - leadership

What we choose is what we are.

Well, but it is not as simple as that because to be that we must ask ourselves some intelligent questions.
What is our purpose in life? Why did we take human birth? What will take me closer to my purpose? Is my purpose enough convincing for I, ME and MYSELF?

The answers don’t come easy. It is like an immensely jumbled word that you know you can very well decipher, yet you aren’t sure that you do. Sometimes the mind gets caught in rudimentary logic and sometimes in oh-so-real fantasies. The latter ones are probably less dangerous.

Why is the previous one lethal? Erosion of human values begins with the thought that selfish pursuit of one’s own ambitions, without paying attention to the means that one adopts, is fair and just. One gets confused with ‘end justifies the means or means justify the end?’ While the truth may differ morally from person to person, with the ‘end justifies the means’ motto in mind, one works obsessively, exploits loopholes and people only to damage the environment.

Justifying a negative feedback one starts to justify methods that get rewarded by greater profits. The real ‘reward’ is one loses that sense of community that is so vital for healthy living.
I would define that as “I’m so lost in becoming, that I start getting scared of my real state of being.”

A movie called ‘The Corporation’ is an ideal portrayal of how Organizations become large corporations by following these methods. While the media celebrates such people and their ‘success’, these people become ‘LEADERS’ for the masses! Such dangerous leadership kills a nation’s creative potential, freedom and growth.

The key to fighting this is self-awareness and mindfulness. All we must focus on is to pay attention to invoking our own consciousness. This will make us fully-aware of the decisions we make and their consequences. It will make us attract people who are genuinely diverse and bring high intelligence, creativity and inspiration into our lives.

Let us become one such inspiration to another. Let us create powerful visions of ourselves and connect everyday action to a sense of higher purpose. Let us all not depend on one man fighting corruption in a hospital. Let us rule our body, our mind, our soul..Ourselves. Then we can become one nation powered by the gifts of talent and ‘workable education’ that can bring about a ‘rainbow of change’. Let us be, a rainbow to that barren land where crowds hear only lip service.

Leadership is not about leading others, it’s about your body, mind and intellect. It is how you take care of the SELF. Fuel the body with exercise and nutritional food; shun these fast food giants…the selfish corporations. Feed the intellect with meaningful education that connects to life today and tomorrow. Empower the mind with positive thinking and clean it regularly by washing out hatred, anger, jealousy and cynicism.

That is the art of inspiring. That is leadership in its purest form.


  1. Hi Devangini, this is my first visit to your blog and it's an enriching one I must say!

    The obsession to justify the means by the end is always there in humans simply because we have lost connection with nature. Unlike humans, nature does not have an end on its mind; so it takes care of the means today, so tomorrow can take care of itself.

    For most humans, it basically comes down to a complementary set of self-negations, similar to the concept of the tail-eating snake - "What would I get if I do it?" versus "What should I do to get it?". Both propositions don't bring anything home simply because they ignore the priceless worth of the very journey called life!

  2. true leadership is about to leader yourself first
    you should pit example in front of your team through your work
    nicely written and happy new year

  3. @Destiny's child Hi, Thanks and welcome :)

    yes absolutely! that is why we must ask ourselves what our purpose on this earth as a human is ? why human birth? why not any other? There are forms more beautiful than the human....but we are so engrossed in 'becoming' that we do not see beyond that :)

  4. @ chirag Thanks :) Happy new year

  5. I think human birth is more of a matter of chance than anything else. We could just as well have been born as microorganisms or glass squids.

  6. Refreshingly new topic and excellent prosaic description. Liked it! :)

  7. @Maverick Thanks a lot for your appreciation :)